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Nice to have you here. My name is Taj Shabad and I live in beautiful Bavaria.

You may be wondering what Three Soul Crystal (Dreiseelenkristall) means. The three stands for being human – feeling emotions and breathing. The soul crystal is your own personal and individual soul plan.

I am here to help you back to your inner peace, relaxation and strength. With Kundalini Yoga, relaxation and lots of laughter.

Taj Shabad

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Kundalini Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Laughter Yoga. Your events for your further development. Live, Online and Hybrid.

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"Taj Shabad made me shine. I feel like a lighthouse after yoga class."

Marle K., Augsburg

"I participated in a very valuable and fun laughter yoga class with Taj Shabad. I was in a great mood all day."

Doreen S., Bad Kösen

"I arrived at Taj Shabad's retreat with relatively heavy baggage and left light as a feather. It's hard to explain, but it was just magical."

Dagmar S., Augsburg

"I was in an online Restorative Yoga class with Taj Shabad while I had a very bad cold. Here I found a whole new level of relaxation and could allow my body the rest it needed to regenerate. I consciously felt every weakness in my body that I may now pay more attention to."

Daniela R., Augsburg

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