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Restorative Yoga Training

Restorative yoga training with sound, therapy, meditation and channeling by Taj Shabad & guest teachers

This training takes place online & on site (online stream on site). If you can’t be on site, you can bring the training into your own four walls. Every participant on site and online receives a recording of the modules. This recording is available to you until the end of the training period.

A new training program with a spiritual psychotherapeutic therapy module.

Restorative yoga is an oasis in our active lives and in these fast-paced times. It relaxes the body, calms the mind, reduces anxiety and relaxes the nervous system. This type of yoga is also known as regenerative yoga. The word “restorative” comes from the English and means “to restore”. It means “yoga that restores you”. It is clearly part of yoga therapy.
The asanas are held for several minutes at a time and supported with bolsters, blocks, straps, cushions and blankets. While you are lying in the yoga poses, your nervous system can calm down and tension can be released.
Restorative yoga focuses on the nervous system, because through regular practice we help the nervous system to get out of “flight” or “fight” mode. This helps us to regain our balance and strengthens our well-being. This strengthens our mental and physical health.
The training for Restorative Yoga takes place from February – July 2025 and is taught in 6 modules or weekends. During the 75 hours of training you will learn
Who is this training for?
  • Yoga teachers
  • Yoga students who are currently attending a yoga training course
  • Experienced yoga students who want to delve deeper into their own self-understanding and self-knowledge
  • Therapists, nurses, body workers and other professionals who are familiar with yoga practice
Even if you have not yet completed any yoga training, you will be able to teach restorative yoga after this training. You can also use this training for yourself without wanting to teach afterwards.
If you are already a Restorative Yoga teacher, you can also book the modules individually. You will then receive a certificate of attendance for the individual module.
I recommend at least one bolster, a belt and 2 blocks for practicing at home. Here you will find ecological and fair products. You get a 10% discount on yoga aids with my voucher code.
Module 1 15.02.2025 – 16.02.2025
Module 2 15.03.2025 – 16.03.2025
Module 3 12.04.2025 – 13.04.2025
Module 4 17.05.2025 – 18.05.2025
Module 5 28.06.2025 – 29.06.2025
Module 6 19.07.2025 – 20.07.2025
Early Bird until 31.08.2024: EUR 1,150.00
From 01.09.2024: EUR 1,500.00
Individual modules: 300,00 EUR
Payment in installments possible. Please contact us.
Where? At the Sanely Yoga and Health Center, Meraner Str. 43 A, 86165 Augsburg


Soulful Sunday

Taj Shabad

Taj Shabad is a restorative yoga teacher and trained relaxation coach. Her spiritual path has led her through training in Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga and healing and crystal work. Based on this experience, she would now like to launch a new training program for this time.

Tatjana Riegel

Tatjana Riegel is the founder and owner of Sanely, Yoga & Health Center. In addition to her experience as a yoga teacher, she has the know-how in the area of marketing. As a mental trainer, she contributes to transformation in her classes and harmonizes the physical level with the mental level. In addition to traditional yoga classes, she also teaches special target groups such as mothers and pregnant women.

Za Rah Kumara

Za Rah Kumara is a licensed psychotherapist (German Chamber of Psychotherapists) and works internationally with clients all over the world in a holistic way. Her mission is to combine classical psychodynamic psychotherapy with powerful ancient Kundalini practices and meditative healing arts with light healing and breath work to harmonize energies in the physical and subtle body.

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Registration for Restorative Yoga training
Conditions: 6 modules, theory & practice, script

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