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Frau mit Turban sitzt auf Wiese. Rosen blühen. Mond am Himmel mit Frau mit Turban in der Mitte.
Welcome to TajS Studio. Here you can find all classes and workshops that take place online via Zoom.
“Awaken to your Highest Potential”
Raise your consciousness and become strong and full of light!
Welcome to the Premium page. Here you will find all the yoga classes that you can use as a member.
You will find the Zoom link for the yoga class 15 minutes before the event on the respective day.
Premium Plus members receive the replay after the lesson.
The workshops are free of charge for Premium Members. Premium members click on “Participate” in the workshop.
Please note the following for online transmission:
This studio uses Zoom for online transmission. To participate, follow these steps:
  • This studio uses Zoom for online transmission. Please download the app on your laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • The link will be sent to your e-mail address after payment.
  • With some streaming providers (e.g. Zoom), it is possible for participants to see each other. However, it is theoretically possible to deactivate the camera function. The name you enter when entering the online meeting room will be displayed to other participants. However, you are welcome to change your name at any time (e.g. just the initials). Please note: Depending on the class or sports provider, individual rules may apply for online participation.

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Videos for your daily practice

Meditations against addictions
We have recorded this video to encourage you to live without alcohol and drugs. The video is aimed at healthy people who would like to give up alcohol and other stimulants and are looking for a spiritual path to do so.
If you have an addiction problem, we would ask you to consult a doctor.
All meditations are purely a support for a life of abstinence. They are not a substitute for medical detoxification or treatment.
Your Taj Shabad, Tara Navgeet and Angad Hari
You will find the following meditations by Yoga Bhajan in this video:
Meditation to release stress and clear past emotions – 0:01
Breathe for more energy – 13:55
Meditation to overcome self-loathing – 21:18
Meditation to turn any negative attitude, frustration or depressed mood into its opposite – 27:26
Meditation to bless yourself – 38:03
Meditation against habits – 43:27
Sponsored by Wahe Guru Kundalini Yoga Wear – www.wahe-guru.de
Sat Nam <3
Kundalini Yoga clothing by Taj Shabad and Tara Navgeet: www.wahe-guru.de
Music: Za Rah KumaraHansu Jot
A meditation for a good night’s sleep and to appreciate the past day.
Spoken live in Thymari, Greece.
I wish you a restful sleep.
Love, Taj Shabad
Music “Cosmic Activation” by Za Rah Kumara
Video created by Filmora from Wondershare. Pixabay, marinadrian
Yoga for the feet
Music: Za Rah Kumara – Cosmic Activation
If you have recurring problems with your feet, this video is perfect for you. Correct alignment for your feet in yoga practice and in everyday life is good for your posture.
You will learn how to stand correctly in the various yoga poses, build up your arch, massage your plantar fascia and find the trigger points. This includes stretching and strengthening your feet.
Enjoy your yoga session for your feet.
All my love,
Taj Shabad
Meditation for more awareness
We often think that meditation is always about switching off our thoughts. This meditation allows you to consciously perceive your thoughts and let them go. You get to know and feel yourself. What happens when you concentrate solely on your breath? Try it out and have fun.
Music: PowerThoughtsMeditationClub “Heart Healing Frequency”
Video created with Filmora from Wondershare.
Original photographs of the Temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounio.

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Taj Shabad mit Turban und weißem Gewand. Sie hat eine Kristallkugel in den Händen. Im Hintergrund ein Baum und eine grüne Wiese.

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