The Aura and the Koshas

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" 'Aura' is what one reflects in the heart, what you bring into the world, and what people want to learn from you."

The Aura in Hatha Yoga Philosophy

In the various traditions I have been privileged to study, there is often talk of multiple bodies or shells surrounding us. In Hatha Yoga philosophy, there are 5 (Pancha) sheaths (Kosha) in 3 bodies (Shariras) that enclose our core, our soul. This sounds very mystical and esoteric at first. But the more I go into it, the more you will see how natural this philosophy can be. Because even a millennia-old knowledge can be brought into the present time. Imagine that your soul connects to five different energy layers in order to be. In the 3 bodies, all layers are connected so that the life currents can flow.

Pancha Koshas

Yogic philosophy says that as human beings we are allowed to realize ourselves in a pure energy system. An energy system of physical and spiritual laws and aspects. Many people question that the body has a soul. Yogis would rather say, “I am a spiritual being who has taken on a body to have a human experience.”

1. the physical body and the associated kosha

Annamaya Kosha, the physical body, also called the food sheath. The physical body is the gross material body that is visible. It consists of what you take in: Water, food, fire, earth, etc. When your Annamaya Kosha is out of balance, you can regenerate it with appropriate asanas (physical exercises). Likewise, a good sattvic diet that is good for you plays an important role in keeping the physical body healthy. It is important to have a healthy physical body in order to progress on the spiritual level.
2. the astral body and its 3 koshas
Pranayama Kosha, the pranic sheath or also called emotional body or etheric body. This subtle sheath is very similar to the physical body and is often referred to as the etheric double. It consists of the life energies, nadis and chakras. The life energies are the vayus, which play a major role in Kundalini Yoga. This shell gives you vitality and energy. It stands behind everything that moves. Behind your blood circulation, heartbeats, muscles, bones and everything in motion. If you feel that this shell is not in balance, Kundalini Yoga is a way to bring more energy into your daily life. Pranayama exercises can also help you.
Manomaya Kosha, the thought shell or mental shell. This shell includes the conscious and subconscious mind. Your perceptions and emotions are reflected in this shell. Your beliefs and your own truth is embraced with the Manomaya shell. This shell is very volatile, because it is constantly overwhelmed with sensory impressions. When your Manomaya Kosha is out of balance, you can practice Pratyahara. Pratyahara is the withdrawal of the senses. Here I have recorded a meditation for this purpose:
Vijnanamaya Kosha, the intellectual sheath or also called knowledge sheath. In this shell lies the knowledge and truth about yourself. It helps you to order your perceptions and to realize that you are one with your soul. You can perceive your emotions here, think and act. This is where your self-consciousness, your I-consciousness, and your ego come into being. Here your action arises due to the properties of the previously mentioned envelopes. If the balance of the cognition shell is out of balance, you can try Restorative Yoga. Likewise, it can help you get a good night’s sleep or meditate.
3. the causal body and the associated kosha
Anandamaya Kosha, the Bliss or the Wonnehood. Finally I come to the most subtle cover we have. It is the cause of our being and is also often called the seed body. In this shell you feel your purpose and your mission why you are here. Old and new karma and lessons you still have to learn are stored in the causal body. In the same way, however, the joy and bliss that can be experienced because of your deeds also sit here. Here you will find your true self. If your anandamaya kosha is out of balance, then bhakti yoga or simply doing seva service for a while often helps. This means that you are doing something for a higher power.

If we stick to our individual yoga practice every day, we will be able to feel and live more and more our precious crystal, our true self.


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